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Sun Metals Corporation Pty Ltd is an Australian subsidiary of Korea Zinc Company Limited. Our Zinc Refinery, built in 1996, is located 15km south of the city of Townsville in North Queensland, Australia.

We produce a Special High Grade Zinc which meets stringent quality standards required under our registration with the London Metal Exchange.

Raw materials are sourced from mines in Australia, Alaska and South America. Direct access to the Port of Townsville reduces transport costs and lead times for both Sun Metals and its customers.

Sulphuric acid, although a secondary product, is also an important part of Sun Metals’ production and is sold to clients for use in the production of fertilisers and other industrial uses. Other by-products such as zinc ferrite and copper are also produced and sold to the international and domestic market.

In 2018, we completed the largest (125MWac) integrated industrial used solar plant in Australia. Sun Metals is committed to the community and is a strong contributor to the local economy. We employ over 350 staff and contractors, primarily from the local community. We work with the community and as part of it, through sponsorships, educational tours, community projects and participation.

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