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Suppliers and Vendors

Suppliers and Vendors

Suppliers and Vendors

With a focus on being the safest, most environmentally responsible and competitive zinc refinery in the world, Sun Metals Corporation (SMC) is committed to the community and is a strong contributor to the local economy, employing over 350 staff and engaging vendors and contractors, primarily from the local community.

SMC regularly undertakes open public tendering throughout the year for goods and services and is continually looking for local vendors and contractors to provide a wide range of goods and services including but not limited to Electrical, Mechanical, Civil Construction, Mobile Equipment Hire, Plumbing and Professional Consultancy.

Due diligence is conducted on all of SMC’s Suppliers and Contractors.  As part of this process, depending on the goods and services to be provided, each Supplier and Contractor must complete a prequalification assessment.  This requires them to provide copies of insurances, safety and environmental information and various declarations, including relevant employment policies, modern slavery policies (where applicable), and references.

If you are interested in providing goods and services to SMC, please register your Expression of Interest Registration Form here or by scanning the QR code:

All Goods and Services supplied to SMC must be provided under our SMC Purchase and Service Order Terms and Conditions unless a separate overriding written contract has been entered into with SMC.

View SMC Purchase and and Service Order Terms and Conditions

SMC expects that we and all our suppliers and vendors will comply with law, including in relation to modern slavery (including human trafficking, child labour, offences relating to the withholding or deprivation of civil liberties and human rights breaches).  Read our Modern Slavery Statement.


Complaints about Procurement activities will be investigated by the Superintendent of Procurement or another Company representative as appropriate. 


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