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The Refining Process

The Refining Process

The Refining Process

Quality Control

The laboratory ensures that the product that we supply is of the highest quality by adhering to strict quality assurance checks, which cover the entire zinc refining process from incoming zinc concentrate right through to the final outgoing zinc product.  Our overall quality assurance program includes: 

  • Documented preventative maintenance of our instruments & facilities.
  • Calibration of the analytical instruments.
  • Validation of analytical results using certified reference materials.
  • Periodic participation in proficiency testing programs.
  • Periodic analysis of replicates and spikes.

The purpose of this program is to provide quality assurance to our customers.  This is achieved by supporting all our process departments to maintain effective quality control systems, identify and correct problems before they occur, and if possible, to determine in advance potential problem areas and implement measures for their resolution.

Our analysts focus on generating the appropriate data required to ensure our process flows correctly and our customers can be assured of 'getting the best of what they paid for'.

The laboratory actively supports refinery environmental monitoring & hygiene monitoring programs by periodic monitoring of water & air quality.  This will ensure that we have a good understanding and strict control of safety of our people and our process and procedures are carried out under strict environmental regulations.


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