Sun Metals operates within a sensitive natural environment at the base of the Muntalunga Range and on the edge of the Sandfly Creek floodplain. At Sun Metals, we are committed to protecting this surrounding environment through continuously monitoring and improving our performance across all aspects of the operation.

Sun Metals has a team of experienced environmental advisors who work with operational staff to ensure environmental outcomes are incorporated into everyday refinery operations and management decisions.

We take pride in our stormwater management system with all stormwater falling on the facility being collected for reuse. Waste water generated through the refining process is treated on site via neutralisation and reverse osmosis for further reuse throughout the refinery. This capture, treatment and reuse of stormwater and process water not only protects the surrounding environment but also significantly reduces our need to access valuable town water supplies.

Sun Metals operates an integrated and sophisticated network of monitoring programs that monitor the refinery’s performance. This monitoring network includes:

  • Continuous SO2 monitoring with data uploaded to the Department of Environment and Resource Management website for full public access (http://www.ehp.qld.gov.au/air/data/search.php)
  • Groundwater, surface water and stream sediment monitoring
  • Dust monitoring

The data captured through our monitoring programs is used to aid operational decision making and support initiatives for improvement and future development. Our commitment to identifying, understanding and continuously improving our operations is defined through our Environmental Management System which is independently certified to ISO14001 requirements.

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