Sulphuric Acid

Sun Metals produces 380,000 ton per annum of raw materials with customers in the fertilizer and mining industries in North Queensland, Australia. Sun Metals produces Sulphuric Acid with minimum of 98% H2SO4. 
Industries that utilise Sulphuric Acid are:

  • A. Fertiliser Industry
  • B. Chemical Industry
  • C. Mining Industry
  • D. Steel Industry
  • E. Paper Manufacturing Industry

Following are the specifications of Sulphuric Acid

General Properties

  • Assay (as H2SO4) 98% Min
  • Molecular Weight 98.07
  • Colourless & Transparent
  • Specific Gravity (98% H2SO4 at 15°C) 1.841
  • Specific Heat (98% H2SO4 at 15°C) 0.3325
  • Melting Point (98% H2SO4) 3.0°C
  • Boiling Point (98% H2SO4) 327°C

Link to MSDS

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